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KRDS: Digital Agency in a Social World

Social Media has become more prevalent among older and younger generations and gradually undermines the conventionallyimposing voices of Digital Networking. With the striking features like cost effectiveness, instant response, flexibility, KRDS has made a strong influence in the world of Social media.Founded in Paris in 2008 and co-founded by four French Men, KRDS became Facebook’s Preferred Marketing Development partner in 2010 (the first non- American company and the Oldest in Asia) and established their Development Headquarter in Chennai India…………………
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Company Of The Month

Vinod K. Pandita , Founder & CEO , Perception Management Consulting

Perception Management Consulting- PMC: The Future Multi-Specialty Consulting and Coaching Platform

Gaining a brand image with optimum resource management, maximum customer satisfaction and creating adde…………………
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The 10 Fastest Growing Management and Strategy companies

Rashmi Verma , COO , Kunal Verma , Chairman & MD ,

Centre for Fundraising: Revolutionizing the Way of Raising Funds

The lifeline of any organization is “sufficient funds,” which keeps the organization working towards its vision. So, to solve this perplexity of raising funds, “Centre for Fundraising (CFF)” has emerged as a pioneer in...

Genie Consultants: Your Wish – Our Command

Consulting is the practice of assisting organisations to advance their achievement, functioning principally through the exploration of present organisational complications and their expansion of plans for enlargement. Establishments may draw upon the amenities of management consultants for a number of...
Subhash Makhija , CEO & Co-founder , GEP

GEP: A One Stop Destination for all things ‘Procurement’

As a global leader and one-of-a-kind specialist in procurement solutions and software, GEP helps enterprise procurement and supply chain teams achieve their strategic, operational and financial objectives. Established in 1999 with just the four co-founders...
Nisha Dut , CEO , Intellecap

Intellecap: A Pioneer in Development led Consulting

A business solution is a recipe of ideas used to help a company accomplish its objectives. It comes in terms of marketing, payroll, auditing, accounting, market research and analysis, among other essential business activities. Some significant solutions include technology evaluation,...
Jai Sethi , CEO & Director , Neusource India

Neusource India Limited: Counting for Success

Management strategies can lead to successful results only if their implementation receives just as much attention and supervision as their formulation. Implementation processes gain their firepower when they contain a systematic catalogue of strategic...
Navin Ahuja , Founder & CEO , Outgrow Consulting

Outgrow Consulting: Mastering Management & Strategy Consulting Services

Chronogically, the evolution of management and strategy consulting began towards the end of 18th century, coinciding with the industrial revolution. However, “Consulting” as a formal business took firm shape during the late 19th century,...

CXO Standpoint

The World in 2017: A Wake-up Call for the Global Elite

Most commentaries on Trump election and Brexit verdict continue to focus primarily on the severity of the economic and political impact on virtually every region of the world. Analysts look upon the outcome largely...

Ride on any Management Trend with this Recipe in 2017

Do you know what’s common with Management Trends? – They come and go. Only the best ones will remain. To ride the new wave of management trends in 2017, here is a recipe –...

Business Thing

Business Thing

Best Business Analytics Tools to Enhance the Business Performance

Business analytics allude to the skills, practices, technologies for continuous iterative exploration and investigation of the past business move to gain insight and drive business planning. The business analytic system focuses on developing new insights...

Management concern

Encouraging the Organisational Behaviour to Escalate Your Business

The word “Behaviour” itself defines all its meaning. Mainly our all positive and negative points  can be easily seen while we are working with people in the organisation. The management expects the productive and...

Strategic Sheath

Whenever we are planning to do something new everyone will start to ask about ‘what’s your strategy?’. Thus, every successful plan always needs a powerful strategy which would keep your plan organized and will direct in a smooth manner. Strategic implementation is the process that covers plans and strategies into action to reach goals. A strategic plan is a composed document that lays out the plans of the business to reach goals, but will sit forgotten without strategic implementation. The Implementation underlines the precise strategies and plans into actions in order to accomplish strategic objectives and goals. Implementing strategic plan is as important, or even more important, than your strategy. Once the creative and analytical feature of strategy formulation have been settled, the managerial priority is one of converting the strategy into operationally enhancing action. Indeed a strategy is never fulfills, even as formulation until it obtain a commitment of the organization’s resources and becomes embodied in organizational activities. Facts about Implementing Strategy Strategic implementation is censorious aspect to a company’s success, addressing the who, where, when, and how of reaching the desired goals and objectives. It aims on the entire organization. Implementation occurs after environmental scans, SWOT analyses, and identifying strategic goals and issues. The implementation involves assigning individuals to tasks and timelines that will guide an organization to reach its goals. To successfully achieve an organization’s strategy, it must be the focus of every person in that organization. It depends on the leaders who will monitor, create and reward for achieving goals. So we must have to provide the leadership required to implement strategies in a way that permits every person to come to life in each corner of an organization. Strategy fulfilling the essential elements Enterprise Leadership - The real leadership is required to play effectively and deliver growth. People always look to leaders to show meaning, to make sense of the seemingly unquenchable call for results and the need for individuals to spot purpose and value. Leadership is the common thread which runs through the entire process of translating strategy into results and is the key to engage the hearts and minds of your people. Strategy into execution - This planning is a phased approach charting a course through performance factors, linking strategic thrusts to a project, departments and individual activity. The ultimate aim is to enable organisations to effectively translate strategic intent all the way through to outcome in a clear and powerful process. The real need is to creatively and systematically unfold the strategy, bring it to life by generating integrated action plans across an organisation that ensure all functions and divisions are aligned behind it. The three distinct phases in Strategy, which are identified and demonstrated like Refine business strategy to achieve clarity of intent, Developing the strategic thrusts and broad-based action plans and Cascading out detailed work plans. By following this process the team - directors, managers, and team members can map how to deliver your strategic plan. Involving the right people is essential to making the right decisions on priorities, and creating action plans that are clear and aligned. The objective is for everyone in the organisation to identify the strategy and specifically seeing how and what will contribute to overall delivery. Performance evaluation - It is too often greater plans stay as ‘plans’. Generally, the energy and enthusiasm generated during the planning process quickly run away, flood by the weight of day to operational issues. The organization and its people move to fire-fighting and reactive task scheduling, instead of planning proactively to deliver the new strategic plan. Performance measurement tools are helpful to give motivation and allow for follow up. Implementation often includes a strategic map, which identifies and maps the key ingredients that will direct the performance. Such ingredients include finances, market, work environment, operations, people and partners. For making the strategy ‘live’ everyone in the organization needs to be engaged to bring action, which will be communicated as the strategic intent, thrusts and action plan; setting individual targets and work plan aligned with strategic priorities. Performance management is a key factor in getting the entire organisation aligned and mobilised to accomplish higher and work collaboratively together to deliver results. The pace of business exhibits no signs of slowing down and the competition in any sector isn’t getting easier. But efficiently implementing strategy can be an origin of competitive advantage. There should be periodic reviews of strategies to spot out whether the given strategy is relevant. It is required because even the carefully produced strategies might cease to be suitable if events change, knowledge becomes fairer, or it appears that the environment will not be as actually thought. Thus, strategies should be reviewed from time to time. The good management system must enable effective processes and organisational capabilities to be put in place to create the transparency and accountability needed to manage performance on a sustained basis. “Strategy is thinking about a choice and choosing to stick with your thinking”

Strategic Implementation in your Business Management

Whenever we are planning to do something new everyone will start to ask about ‘what’s your strategy?’. Thus, every successful plan always needs a powerful strategy which would keep your plan organized and will...