Reliance to pivot on existing Customers

Ever since the announcement of Reliance Jio has been made, a curiosity among masses soar also it was a sudden explosion on the other telecom companies and their operating technique. Reliance has emerged as a power resource in the world of telecommunication with various plans and facilities for common people all around the country giving a tough time to all other companies like Idea, Airtel, and Vodaphone which were considered as the mammoth. Recently, call and the internet rates were reduced drastically by BSNL due to many people shifting them to Jio it was said that within the first month of commercial operations Jio announced that it had acquired 16 million subscribers.

According to sources, Jio has acquired 1,000 customers per minute (since September 05) and 6 lakh per day. “Jio continues to be the fastest growing company in the world and has crossed 50 million subscribers in record 83 days,” sources pointed out. Airtel reached the same milestone of notching 50 million subscribers in 12 years, Vodafone and Idea took 13 years each. This can be marked as a paramount for being the lowest telecom service provider in the world, every 5th person owing a mobile is getting a Jio sim along with their permanent numbers.

This can be considered as a ladder for Reliance to jump back to its popularity and be a major business house in country; owing to this factor the sale of Reliance phone has also dramatically increased, increasing their share of monetary gains in market. But there are major problems with poll sharing, due to which Reliance services aren’t able to provide the quality of calls and net services; steps for the same are taken by the company to keep the expectations and maintain the cut throat competition.

But, with Jio making an announcement of seizing the subscription after 3rd december is unexpected; currently Reliance is majorly focussing on increasing their quality of service to available cunsumers. The officials feel that it would be unfair to charge their customers until Jio management is completely satisfied with their services to their customers. And, probability is made that the service of Jio would be extended uptil march end to the exciting customers. This can be considered as inducement to the users.

Jio can be considered as an important parameter for the change from analogue to digitalisation because of its attribute. Overall the review of Jio has been good up till now, assuring their services to get better with time, beneficial to profusion.