Reliance Opens up Unlimited Opportunities with its UNLIMIT-IoT Venture

Anil Amabni’s led Reliance group has recently announced its latest IoT venture UNLIMIT. The Reliance group teamed up with Cisco Jasper to put UNLIMIT in Indian market for the first time. Earlier, Reliance group partnered with Cisco Jasper for before for creating 4g framework which has been successful with its recent entry in the market. Reliance has become the only telecom industry, which has its own business unit for IoT. UNLIMIT is led by Juergen Hase, Chief Executive Officer who is hopeful towards UNLIMIT success.

IoT (Internet of Thing) is an internet-working platform for real time devises helps them in communicating with each other. Such network of embedded devices provides opportunity for automating different sectors. IoT provides with machine to machine communication, consists of embedded devices such as microprocessors, sensors etc.

Amitabh Jhujhunwala, Group Managing Director of Reliance Group has said: “Growth of IoT sector in India will be exponential in upcoming years. We are expecting more than 4 billion devices of IoT in Indian market by the end of 2020. Similar to this we are expecting quadruple growth in revenue.”

Cisco Jasper which has more than 50 telecom partners worldwide will be defiantly looking to find its ground  in Indian market. According to the Juergen Hase, Chief Executive Officer of UNLIMIY has mentioned that UNLIMIT will provide a helping hand in India’s growth.

IoT has recently found a  large market in India with projects like Digital India and Smart Cities. UNLIMIT will be enabled to make such projects a reality. This step will bring India much closer towards digitization. Reliance group is largely involved in 100 smart city projects may just have shown its commitment towards it. Reliance group has earlier clarified that there was be no involvement from Reliance communications. Reliance has opened door for unlimited opportunities for IoT platform which will drive enough traffic towards much needed development IoT sector.