Mahindra charged their trucks, tractors with Internet-of-Things

Mahindra Group, India’s Automotive firm, has kick-started an Internet-of-Things (IoT) project to place sensors and processors in its trucks and tractors to predict potential breakdowns, as the Auto-conglomerate seeks to ride the wave of technological disruption.

Mahindra is finding space in heavy commercial vehicle segment as it has already much more saturated. They are providing very efficient engines for their trucks also implementing new technologies in their product, making their product more attractive and reliable for customer.

Top vehicle manufactures are readily implementing revolutionary technologies in their products to remain market leader in manufacturing sector. Companies like Bharat-benze the heavy commercial vehicle manufacturer have too much attracted customers by their advance technologies used in their vehicles. This helps customers by early problem detection and easy maintenance.

IoT describes a world in which sensors are placed on machines and the data collected has used to improve and track performance. The group also bought a minority stake in Silicon Valley start-up Cloud Leaf, which leverages cloud computing and Bluetooth smart sensors to deliver scalable location and sensor management.

It also holds a minority stake in US-based Scoot Networks, which deploys electric scooters. This helps Mahindra Two Wheelers to create strong presence in electric scooter segment.

“We will have sensors in trucks and tractors to predict which part is going to fail. We’ll have a part waiting for you at a service center on your way. You prevent breakdowns and loss of time by the driver. We can apply that in our auto business as well,” the group’s Strategy Head Anish Shah asserted.