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Our solutions make the machines smarter to detect and predict high risk situations proactively and provide high precision decision support

TARDID Technologies: Autonomous Structural and Machine Health Management

Advancement in artificial intelligence is real and ongoing, with the technology finding widespread application in almost every sector. In industries, machine and appliances are getting smarter day by day. Businesses in the manufacturing space are looking at ways to optimize processes, both in terms of efficiency and costs. The use of data-backed “intelligent” algorithms is a great way to make that happen. As a result, businesses are turning to AI applications rapidly. An illustrious product development organization, TARDID Technologies provides a predictive maintenance solution for structural & machine health management to help heavy industries like Shipping, Oil & Gas, Aviation………….
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The 10 Most Innovative Artificial Intelligence Companies

Flutura: Providing AI platform for Industrial Internet of Things

Flutura is an AI led IoT intelligence company powering new monetizable business models, leveraging machine signals in the Energy, Engineering and Speciality chemicals. Flutura is amongst the world’s leading AI platforms for Industrial Internet...

NIRAMAI: Providing Novel Universal Solution for Breast Cancer using AI

The increasing toll of breast cancer in developing nations is really heading towards a devastating situation. The disease once considered as the problem of affluent nations is now affecting developing nations like India at...

Robolab Technologies: Trailblazer of the Robotics and Artificial Intelligence Space

They take every initiative to make their products and services better. They walk that extra mile to make customers completely satisfied with their services. They keep researching and inventing so that clients can get...

Yeppar: Adding New Dimension in Business Arena with the Support of AR/VR/MR Technologies

Augmented Reality is an immersive technology which is not only offers a better vision to experience the things around us but also it has the power to transform the entire environment where we think,...